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One Way Privacy Glass

One way glass or privacy glass is important for interview, meetings that want to be held private or shower and bathroom design.    Privacy Glass from Offisindo provides creative design for architects, along with other technical applications.

One way glass or Privacy glass can be applied to the following:

  • Bathrooms/Shower enclosures
  • Clinics
  • Conference rooms
  • Hospital (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms)
  • Residential enclosures
  • Security windows




Offisindo memberikan pembuatan one way glass atau privacy glass untuk interview, klinik, conference, private classroom, ruang introgasi dan kamar mandi. Kami sangat memperhatikan keselamatan dan kualitas terjamin untuk one way glass dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau.

Segera hubungi kami mengenai ukuran dan harga ( gratis pemasangan )


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